How It Works

Dry Ice Blasting (often referred to as CO2 blasting) is a fast, easy and cost-effective cleaning technology that uses dry ice pellets (solid CO2) propelled at supersonic speeds to clean surfaces without damaging equipment or creating secondary waste.

Through the use of kinetic impact, thermal dynamics and gas expansion the CO2 breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate. This method allows for the materials to be used to clean delicate molds and machinery or heavy industrial equipment with ease.

The technology provides a powerful industrial equipment cleaning solution for a variety of applications including heavy slag removal and delicate semi-conductor and circuit board cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting is a dry, non-abrasive cleaning process free of chemicals and other solvents that is environmentally friendly while leaving virtually no residual by-products behind. This method is ideal to reduce expensive down time, can often be applied in-place with costly extensive disassembly, and minimizes additional labour costs associated with cleaning.